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Dear sponsors,

From June 17 to June 19, 2021, Shades of Ebony Kulture dba World Ebony Network, will host its 2nd edition of the World Ebony Network Ethnic Folklore Festival 2021, also known as “WENEFF 2021”.

To introduce and popularize the folklore festival, we invite You and your Company, as a sponsor, to participate in the preparation and holding of this international event. Most importantly, through your sponsorship, you join WEN on our campaign to support the current fight on “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as well as help fund our causes to bring hope in our communities.

WENEFF will take place annually and it will serve as an opportunity for ethnic groups to present their rich multi-ethnic culture, including music, dance, folk crafts, cuisine, costumes, science & technology, and performing art, etc. We anticipate over 1000 people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Also, as part of the event, each ethnic group is expected to come with their decorative and applied art that includes a display of their masters, musical instruments, their authentic folk art.

sponsorship of the WENEFF will offer the following benefits:

  • BECOME A CULTURAL CHAMPION by joining our “It Takes a Village – WORLD EMERGENCY RESPONSE COALITION”, where based on the level of your sponship:
    1. Every $12.00 of your sponsorship funds the purchase of health supplies for nursing and rehabilitation home residents in the United States or health kit containing: handsanitzer, gloves, mask, vitamins for poor communities in other countries. OR
    2. Every $500 of your sponsorship funds a GED applicant through WEN’s GEDWorks (WEN’s partnership with GED Testing Services).- LEARN MORE.

  • Strengthen your company’s market brand
  • Make Your brand recognizable to a wide range of markets.
  • Provide a significant advantage in competitive environment.
  • Provide the opportunity to promote and increase the awareness of your company’s product at the global level
  • Provide your company the opportunity to sell your products to participants and guests
  • Provide your company the opportunity to leverage the many prospects and do business with our host county of this festival, Prince Georges’ county
  • Advertise your company in World Ebony Network’s multi-cultural magazine – depending on your sponsorship amount.
  • …and ABOVE ALL, highlight your participation as a sponsor in World Ebony Network Ethnic Folkore Festival 2021 (WENEFF 2021).

Note Before

While these options are basic, the above provides sponsorship levels and detailed benefits to your company.

We are open to discuss the idea of special promotions and projects within the framework of event sponsorship that will not only fit your budget, but also your needs and goals.

Thank you

The WENEFF 2021 Team