JUNE 18TH – Prelude To King African Heritage

Because WEN reinforces the enduring and noble principles of our African ancestors, as one of the tools to curb or eradicate the societal decadence of today, it must start from the family to identify the actors needed to make this happen. “The man”, the head of the family and community. The man is the key actor that produces off springs. According to the African philosophies, principles, and practices, this man must simultaneously posses the necessary physical (individual and corporate) and spiritual (psychic) strength and influence to be the culture change agent required to positively effect change in the community. It is this man who the village must come together to raise. With subjective (individual) thought patterns, principles, and practices, the edges and center of the fabric is giving way and the things are falling apart. 

WEN believes in the possibility of mending the fabric to keep it from further tearing apart. That’s why it is still in the quest of finding this individual within the sea of men. This person will become WEN’s ambassador to champion WEN’s mission of achieving its vision as a solution to curb or eradicate this problem. This ambassador will be called “KING AFRICAN HERITAGE”.

In 2021, WEN hosted the first prelude to King African Heritage where we organized a debate to examine the “Attributes and Archetype of the Male as the Family and Community Leader & Protector”. We looked at the background of this potential king. The key question included: What kind of woman gave birth to him? Did this woman have the necessary support system? In expounding the relationship between the leader and the led, we listened to Author Chike Nwaka’s reading of Eze Chima, a novel that provides a historic account of the attributes a king.

This 3rd annual WENEFF will host the second prelude to King African Heritage. This segment will educate the audience about community policing because the potential king must understand what is needed to maintain the welfare and order of the community and how to avert danger and damage.