Dr. Ononuju


Dr. Katch Ononuju is an economist, Public Affairs analyst, and chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Just back from the United States of America (USA), on what he termed an international media tour, Dr. Ononuju says he made judicious use of his time in the US, where he featured in about six U.S based television stations which includes Sky Television, Time Warner Cable, Verizon TV, Arise TV, CNBC as well as Fox television in a bid to promote the image of his country at large.

Dr. Ononuju reveals that he is a Nigerian. According to him, “injustice to any part of Nigeria is a threat to justice all over Nigeria. If you do not allow the Hausa child access to education, the Hausa child becomes a dangerous tool for the destabilization of corporate Nigeria, and being a Nigerian that disturb me that there is a weapon somewhere that there is a threat to the existence and stability of my country. Now, we are beginning to see crisis that is why we have gone down to research. The Boko Haram problem is not new, it is just a new name given to an old problem, neither have I searched and found that this problem has been there for a long time, it is our own responsibility to speak up where this evil exist. Internationally, the West believes that it is the present government that has some way somehow short-changed the North, no! It is because they have children that do not have access to education that is why he does not have the logistics to compete and win and succeed in a market driven system. http://www.mynewswatchtimesng.com/sins-nyako-unpardonable-says-ononuju/