Program 2023

festival program of events

Sunday June 11th – Saturday June 18th

Literacy Exhibition

This section features authors of diverse backgrounds authors, poets, etc., who feature and talk about their publications during the entire week of the festival. Some will read and discuss their works, answer questions, sign their books, and more. All virtual literacy related activities will take place during segments that will happen virtually.

Film as Cultural Diplomacy – Celebrities as Culture Change Agents

This section shows the critical role of performing arts in societal change and the need for film makers, actors, and performing arts experts as Cultural Change Agents.

Child Support: Capability Based Assessment of the 2007 Hague Child Support Convention.

Children are the future and one of our most precious resources, so it is critical to ensure their financial, emotional, etc., wellbeing. The family & Community have a huge role to play in actualizing this dream. Sometimes one of the parents fail in their duty to uphold this obligation and some communities reinforce this behavior by not taking action. This segment focuses on our collective responsibilities to hold the absentee parent responsible and protect our children. It assesses the implementation of the 2007 Hague Child Support Convention, makes the case that all countries should participate in formalizing this agreement,, and determine solutions to making this happen.

Inflation, the Economy, and Real Estate: The case of Nigeria and America – Residential & Commercial

Pandemic, inflation, job loss, etc., are increasingly putting a strain of all sorts, including financial hardship on people. As a result of policymakers putting a full throttle on strategies to prevent the economy, from nosediving, eviction moratoriums, low interest rates, etc., were issued to come to the rescue of millions of renters. With pandemic almost over, the housing market has started climbing up again while many are not only loosing their rental spaces but also their wellbeing are tilting toward the red-zone of mental illness. While mitigating options were available in the US and other developed nations, what about a developing country like Nigeria?

Tuesday June 13th 7pm – 9pm

Uninsured – What Will Happen to Your Family if Something Happens to You?

Life insurance exists to protect beneficiaries of policyholders from financial hardship in the event he or she passes. The consequences of no life insurance are not limited to no money for the policyholder’s funeral, family forced to cremate policyholder’s remains, family required to repay policyholder’s debts out of their own money, etc. These are pretty serious consequences begging the question of why people don’t get life insurance. “I have no money”, “I have life insurance from my job”, “I’m strong and healthy”, etc., are some the reasons why people don’t get life insurance. Because life can happen when it is least expected, no one is prepared for the pain that comes with it. Since to be forearmed is to be forewarned, especially in post COVID era, this segment presents experts who would help the audience to answer the #1 question and more that plague people when considering insurance. That consideration is “How do I know which type of life insurance I need? Presenters representing the basic types of life insurance will be available to educate the audience and answer this and more questions they may have.

Sports Diplomacy: Basketball Exhibition – Adults vs Kids

A published article by Harry Gee, in the National Association of Education (NAE), said with so much going on in the world today it might be tough to find the time but it is more rewarding making them out to educate our children and youth of current affairs. Here is what we at WEN say: “if the family and community do not raise the awareness, social media will“. None of us have control of what is going on around us, for the most part, so we can find creative ways to inform them on and safe ways to protect them and our communities. Given that children are our future leaders, it is better to start early. Together, through sports- diplomacy, we say NO to teen suicide, human trafficking, mental illness, domestic violence, and so on, and YES to community policing, protecting our neighbors, protecting our aged, etc.

Prelude to Chieftaincy Title Nomination Recognition Ceremony – Workshop

This segment educates those nominated and/or interested in receiving a chieftaincy title on the role of a chief as elders and a role model in the community he or she is called upon to represent. They learn of their expected duties as ambassadors of a community, where they are educated on the philosophies, principles, and practices of that community and of how their role supports the community’s traditional ruler in the management of the land as well as act as gatekeepers of enduring and noble customs. Following this year’s event, this segment of the festival will be an actual ceremony, where the traditional ruler who accepts the nomination is present to present the certificate. This certificate authorizes he or she to prepare and travel to the community for the chieftaincy installation.

Achebe Day – African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA): Is this a Prospect for Countering the Economic Struggles in Africa?

This segments seeks to address the concerns Prof Achebe had when he attended the 25th year of the Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) and found himself, a writer, among world economists and bankers. According to him, his puzzlement grew as these experts prescribed three solutions that compelled him to cry out to the audience, when asked to speak, that “”Africa is People not a lab report”. The solutions were 1. Implementation of structural adjustment, 2. Removal of subsidies on food, fuel, and the devaluation of national currency. Prof. Achebe reminded of the status of countries that accepted this offer. Those countries had woefully failed and were worse than they were at the beginning. He said these experts simply conceded that Africa’s failure to advance is due to their lack of discipline. He was interviewed by award winning and renowned singer, Lady Onyeka Onwenu in a 1980’s documentary on Nigeria & the Igbos, and he listed a number of reasons countries like Nigeria is and will continue to struggle economically. According to him, the green revolution scheme was an incredible example of mismanagement where funds were misappropriated and siphoned by and to political persons who don’t know “maize from millet.” Since the documentary and since his death, the economy has turned from bad to worse in many African countries. This conference wonders if AGOA can rescue Africa and if it is, the question remains: what is AGOA? what is the % of success stories? and is it late for entrepreneurs to utilize this strategy?

Prelude to King African Heritage Contest – The law and Your Community NOBLE presentation

Presenter – National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)

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